Friday, December 5, 2014

Runway to Reality: Red Valentino Fall 2014

Lauren has been telling me about the extreme cuteness that is Red Valentino for quite a while, but it wasn't until I saw a blogger on my Instagram feed wearing this shirt that I truly understood.  A swan head collar?!  It's so amazing that I can't even stand it.  Since that beauty caught my eye, I started looking through the collection archives on to see what else I've been missing.  This adorable outfit especially caught my eye because it's actually pretty achievable.

A sweater with a bow front blouse underneath is already a staple of my cold weather wardrobe, but I never would have thought to combine prints this way.  I really love how the solid colored sweater breaks both prints up and changes the look from busy to fun and polished.  And although I probably wouldn't be bold enough to wear socks with heels myself, this model sure makes it look cute!

Although Red Valentino is supposed to be a more affordable line, on an educator's salary it just ain't happening!  Luckily I was able to create something very similar for a fraction of the cost.  If only there was a way for me to get an affordable version of that swan shirt!

Look for Less: Red Valentino Fall 2014

Anyone else totally crushing on Red Valentino?


Lauren said...

I want it all!

NotJessFashion said...

I'm loving this cute and fun outfit! Gorgeous!

Jessica |