Monday, April 30, 2012

Daily Look: Easy Breezy

Shirt: Banana Republic Factory // Shoes: J. Crew Factory // Skirt: Anthropologie // Earrings, Bracelet: Francesca's // Scarf: Forever 21 // Sunglasses: Ray-Ban // Nails: Sephora by OPI Mermaid to Order // Lips: Milani in Rose Hip

This look is an example of one of my favorite spring/summer outfits: an easy top, a breezy skirt, and comfy shoes. It's just as comfortable as a t-shirt and shorts, but looks so much more put-together. I came upon this warm weather uniform while I was deciding (okay, obsessing about) what to wear during my honeymoon in Italy last summer. I wanted to avoid looking like a fanny pack-wearing, map-toting, white socks with sandals-rocking tourist, but I also wanted to be comfortable in the summer heat. As it turns out, you look like a tourist in Italy when you're the only ghostly-pale blonde chick in sight. But that's okay; I still love the outfit.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Dear twIN STYLE: How do I look both creative and professional at my interview?

Hi Lauren and Sam!

I have an important job interview next Wednesday and need to dress to visually highlight these qualities:

- Creative
- Intelligent
- Self-motivated
- Information-sponge
- Passionate
- Business
- Memorable

Some of these are ideas that suggest a type of character or outstanding characteristics of a candidate who will stand out. Please help me to find outfits that are interesting, edgy, smart, business professional but not boring, nerdy, dowdy, or rigid.

Thanks so much!

Creative Professional

This was a tough one! After mulling over several options, I decided to create an outfit with a very professional silhouette, adding creativity by way of bold colors, patterns, and details. This look, with its pencil skirt, blouse, and blazer, is essentially a suit. And while the word suit probably strikes fear into the hearts of creative types, by selecting individual pieces with fun, interesting details, a suit can be a lot more stylish than your standard-issue pinstriped version. 

Since your interview is coming up very soon, I'm assuming you won't have time to go out and buy (or order) these specific pieces, which is why I had a formula in mind while shopping for this look. Patterned pencil skirt + colorful blouse + sleek blazer + bold (but not over-the-top) accessories  =  creative professional. Knock 'em dead! 

Do you have a style quandary or a wardrobe conundrum? Hit us up at hellotwinstyle (at) gmail (dot) com and we'll see what we can do for you! 

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Daily Look: Color Me Happy

Shirt: J. Crew (on consignment) // Pants, Earrings: Loft // Belt, Shoes: Banana Republic // Bracelet: Forever 21 // Sunglasses: Ray-Ban

Like Sam, I fulfilled my desire for colorful pants at Loft last weekend. The only color left in my size was cornflower blue, but that worked out just fine for me because they will go with just about all of my spring and summer tops. I decided to go all-out colorful and pair them with a melon-colored shirt (another sweet consignment find) and bright green belt. This outfit just screams springtime to me, and I have a feeling that I will be wearing it (or some variation of it) throughout the spring and into summer. It's just so fun and happy!

Friday, April 27, 2012

Daily Look: Purple and Navy

Sweater & Jeans: Loft // Shoes: Keds // Earrings: Target

I finally got some colored pants! I have been listing all of the colors I want to Lauren for months now, but I finally found a pair at a reasonable price. I don't think lilac even made my list, but I lovelove them! I have so many items in my closet that I think will go great with them, that I'm having to force myself to not wear them every day. I definitely think these will be a staple through the warmer months. Now I want more!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Daily Look: Rainy Day Blues

Shirt: SJP via Urban Kitty // Skirt: Loft // Shoes: Libby Edelman via Marshall's // Bracelet: Francesca's // Tights: Banana Republic

Well, despite the fact that it's almost May, I had to pull out my tights again in preparation for a cold, rainy, gray day. My outfit matched the weather, with its shades of gray and watery blue. And while I admit that it feels strange wearing tights in the middle of spring, I'd rather be warm and comfy by dressing for the weather than be season-appropriate and freezing! 

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Daily Look: Texas Cavaliers River Parade

Blouse & Sunglasses: Target // Skirt: Loft // Shoes: BCBG via Endless // Earrings: Forever 21

This was a look that I planned to wear to the River Parade on Monday night (a mishap at lunch caused me to change blouses at the last minute), to admire the floats on the San Antonio River. It was a fun night of getting covered in confetti from cascarones, clapping along to the music as the floats passed, and pigging out at Casa Rio. It is always a treat to go to Casa Rio because it inspires my mom to retell the story of one of my grandparents' first dates there over sixty years ago, when my Minnesotan grandfather ate a whole bowl of salsa with a spoon, thinking it was the hottest soup he'd ever tasted.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Daily Look: Shopping Safari

2012-0417-4 2012-0417-1 2012-0417-7 2012-0417-6 2012-0417-5

Dress: Banana Republic (on consignment) // Necklace, Earrings: Banana Republic // Bracelets: Forever 21, Annie Gogglyn // Shoes: Bandolino via DSW

Okay, guys, can we talk about consignment shops for a second? I've always assumed that they were horrible places where bad clothes go to die, but I was totally wrong! During our road trip, I discovered that Louisville is chock full of great consignment and vintage shops. We moseyed into one such place on our first day there and I spotted this little dress right away. To my delight, it fit, and I snatched it up for an insane price. At another shop, I picked up a J. Crew blouse, a chambray shirt (I've been trying to find the perfect one for years), and an Ann Taylor sweater. They all look brand new (in fact, the shirt still had the tags on)! Bargain hunting is my sport of choice, and I think I've found a new practice field.