Sunday, April 29, 2012

Dear twIN STYLE: How do I look both creative and professional at my interview?

Hi Lauren and Sam!

I have an important job interview next Wednesday and need to dress to visually highlight these qualities:

- Creative
- Intelligent
- Self-motivated
- Information-sponge
- Passionate
- Business
- Memorable

Some of these are ideas that suggest a type of character or outstanding characteristics of a candidate who will stand out. Please help me to find outfits that are interesting, edgy, smart, business professional but not boring, nerdy, dowdy, or rigid.

Thanks so much!

Creative Professional

This was a tough one! After mulling over several options, I decided to create an outfit with a very professional silhouette, adding creativity by way of bold colors, patterns, and details. This look, with its pencil skirt, blouse, and blazer, is essentially a suit. And while the word suit probably strikes fear into the hearts of creative types, by selecting individual pieces with fun, interesting details, a suit can be a lot more stylish than your standard-issue pinstriped version. 

Since your interview is coming up very soon, I'm assuming you won't have time to go out and buy (or order) these specific pieces, which is why I had a formula in mind while shopping for this look. Patterned pencil skirt + colorful blouse + sleek blazer + bold (but not over-the-top) accessories  =  creative professional. Knock 'em dead! 

Do you have a style quandary or a wardrobe conundrum? Hit us up at hellotwinstyle (at) gmail (dot) com and we'll see what we can do for you! 

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