Thursday, April 26, 2012

Daily Look: Rainy Day Blues

Shirt: SJP via Urban Kitty // Skirt: Loft // Shoes: Libby Edelman via Marshall's // Bracelet: Francesca's // Tights: Banana Republic

Well, despite the fact that it's almost May, I had to pull out my tights again in preparation for a cold, rainy, gray day. My outfit matched the weather, with its shades of gray and watery blue. And while I admit that it feels strange wearing tights in the middle of spring, I'd rather be warm and comfy by dressing for the weather than be season-appropriate and freezing! 


unexpected moments said...

I think you have successfully located the best wedge shoes ever.

Lauren said...

Thank you! I was super excited when I found my size, realized they were on double clearance, and they fit perfectly. Wedges are perfect for me since teaching has me on my feet so much.

Sam said...

I wish we lived in the same city, and wore the same shoe size! So awesome!