Saturday, March 24, 2012

Daily Look: Hello Yellow

Dress: Old Navy // Shoes: Bandolino via Endless // Earrings: Etsy // Bracelet: H&M

I found this bright dress at Old Navy this winter (actually Lauren sent me a link, knowing my love of stripes), but my Louisiana trip was the first time I've gotten the chance to wear it. It fit perfectly into my blue and yellow color scheme, and since it's basically an over-sized, belted t-shirt, it was incredibly easy to pack and wear. Although they definitely weren't shoes that I could wear all day long, I liked changing into wedges at night to dress up my outfits. Just take it from me, if you are going to change out of your walking shoes, make sure you have a dinner reservation, or you might be in for a longer hike than anticipated.


Lauren said...

That dress looks so cute on you! I'm jealous of it!

m said...

I love every detail of this outfit. my pretty sammy!

Sam said...

Thank you!

Rejina Tyson said...

Nice buy! I love stripes and I love that shade of yellow, so it makes it the perfect combo. By the way I love your hair! ;)

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