Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Daily Look: Not a Waitress

Blouse: Express // Skirt: Zara // Shoes: J. Crew Factory // Necklace: Banana Republic Factory // Earrings: Stella & Dot // Sunglasses: Ray-Ban

Whenever I wear a white blouse with a black skirt, I'm always a little afraid that I look like a waitress (which might just make me a paranoid weirdo). But I don't let that stop me because I love the way a crisp white shirt contrasts with basic black. I added color to this look with a cobalt blue necklace and my new favorite flats (both recent acquisitions from my latest trip to the outlet mall).

Is there any clothing you stay away from for fear of looking like you work somewhere you don't, or is that just me? I refuse to wear a red top with khakis, as Target has taken over that particular combo. I also stopped wearing my skivvies in public because people kept mistaking me for a lingerie model (har har).


Kiley Kate said...

Agree with the red and khaki! When I have a really put together outfit and go shopping I get asked for help in stores as if I worked there.

Lauren said...

A woman got very testy with my husband at Urban Outfitters because she thought he worked there and was just refusing to help her. She apologized, and told him that he was dressed so well that she just assumed.

Sam said...

That's one cute waitress!