Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Daily Look: Picnic Pink

Dress (worn as skirt): H&M // Shirt: J. Crew (consignment) // Shoes: Gap // Bracelets: Forever 21 // Earrings: Gift // Lips: Milani Rose Hip

To get more mileage out of my new pink dress, I decided to tie a blouse around it and wear it as a skirt. I love the idea of tying shirts--it's so cute and summery and fun--but I'm not a big fan of baring my midriff. Tying it over a dress completely solves this problem because all anybody will see is my dress. It's a win-win!

Do you ever wear dresses as skirts? Are you a fan of the tied shirt look? How do you wear it?


Wendy said...

You look so pretty in pink! I love how your blue polish contrasts with your outfit. :) I don't recall wearing dresses as skirts but I'll definitely be trying it out soon!

Lauren said...

Thanks Wendy! You're so sweet.