Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Daily Look: Plum and Cranberry

Sweater: Loft // Earrings: Banana Republic // Blazer: H&M // Booties: Urban Outfitters // Necklace: Ann Taylor // Lips: MAC Rebel

Now that I can see spring approaching, I'm making sure to wear my fall and winter colors while I still have the chance. Though I'm not usually a hugely organized person, I do categorize my nail polishes by season to make it easier to choose a shade. You see, I have, um, a lot of nail polish. It may or may not be a problem. I plan to transition to spring shades in the next few weeks, but for now, it's dark plum for me. I decided to let my autumnal nails inspire the warm shades of my outfit today as well. I can't wait to break out my spring clothes, but for now, I want to get the last few uses out of my winter things!

Do you change the colors you wear based on the season? How about your nails?

1 comment:

Kiley Kate said...

I usually do the same thing (especially with my polishes) but every once and a while it's fun to throw a hot pink or a pastel in the winter mix just to change things up!