Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Runway to Reality: Vanessa Bruno Spring 2013

The other day Lauren and I were chatting about all of the pants hitting the runways lately, and how neither of us wear pants to work very often. I tend to wear skirts or dresses every day except Friday, when we are allowed to wear jeans, so I feel like I need to branch out. After sifting through Pinterest, I found some great inspiration looks, and decided to do a work-friendly recreation of this Vanessa Bruno look.

I may not have the bucks to spend on designer clothing, but this look is actually very doable on a real world budget. Here is my (much) less expensive version:

Vanessa Bruno Spring 2013

Obviously leather pants were a no-go for a weekday look, but I think I was able to translate it into something work appropriate without losing all of the cool factor. Now I just need to find a few more pairs of work pants that I love. And a nude lipstick, though I don't think this pale, freckled face could quite pull off bronzer!

What do you wear to work? Any ideas of good places to find flattering pants?


Christina, Esq. said...

I love Loft's Marisa cut ankle length pants for work (year round), and Banana republic's pants are also great (Im 5'4 so all non-ankle lenght pants require heels for me!) Love the above combo!


Christina, Esq.

Lauren said...

Perfect re-creation! Now I just need to find pants that don't make my butt look flat.

Sam said...

Thanks for the tips Christina! I need to go shopping!