Sunday, January 8, 2012

Dear twIN STYLE: What do I wear to a winter beach party?

Dear Girls,

I am attending a beach-themed party at our Mary Kay leadership conference in Atlanta. The party is at the Georgia aquarium. Capri pants and flip flops are appropriate, but even casual attire is a bit stepped up in Mary Kay. Can you give me some ideas to look casual, but cute for the party?



Beach Babe

I am so excited to be thinking beach-wear in January! I went with a fun look that is a little Sandra Dee. I think I'm going to have to recreate this outfit myself as soon as summer hits. Just put on Icy Peach lipstick and Black Velvet liquid liner and you'll stun all of those MK ladies!


Lauren said...

This is so cute, and I want to wear it right now! Of course, it won't be warm enough to wear this for...oh, around 5-6 months. But I still want to!

Twinmom said...

Very cute! Love the colors. When can we go shopping??