Saturday, December 15, 2012

Daily Look: Wax On

Shirt, Bracelet: J. Crew // Waxed Jeans: BDG via Urban Outfitters // Shoes: J. Crew Factory // Earrings: Loft

I wore this casual outfit for a day of Christmas shopping with Sam and my mom. It was a beautiful, fairly warm day, so no jacket was required, woo hoo! We checked some people off of our list and found some good sales. Sadly, one of the items I found on sale was the exact pair of waxed jeans that I was wearing--and for $20 less than I paid. Oh well!

Have you been finding some good holiday deals and steals? Tell us about them!


m said...

what are waxed jeans? I seem to be behind in the times.

Elissa said...

Lauren, I've been looking for a shirt like that for a while! Is it chambray? You didn't mention where you got it... would you mind sharing? :) Thanks!

Lauren said...

M--waxed jeans are just denim coated with wax to make it look shiny and almost like leather.

Elissa--the shirt is chambray, and I got it at J. Crew, but I've seen them at Gap, Old Navy, H&M.