Saturday, June 15, 2013

Twin Styled: Beach Bag

Beach Bag

It's the start of summer and the beach is beckoning, so I thought I'd share ideas for packing for a trip to the coast. When I'm heading to South Padre or Port Aransas, most of my bag space is taken up by swimsuits and sunscreen, but I do need a few other essentials. I like to keep it very simple by choosing one or two shirts that go with all of my bottoms. I also save space by limiting myself to only one pair of neutral shoes. I always bring a casual dress for dinners out, and switch out my purse for a beach bag. Some lip gloss and waterproof mascara are really the only makeup I (should) pack since the unbelievable humidity melts off my silly attempts at foundation. After that, it's just sunglasses and a paperback!

Are you taking any trips this summer?

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