Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Daily Look: Cold Snap (Boo)

Sweater: Loft // Blazer: H&M // Corduroys:  Gap // Shoes: Mia via Endless // Sunglasses: Marshall's // Earrings: Gift // City Ring: Asos // Stacked rings: Madewell

How is this real life?!  On Saturday, I was so hot at the Renaissance Festival that I rued the day jeans were invented.  On Sunday, I was perfectly comfortable in a skirt and sandals. Then Monday morning, I checked the weather on my phone and what to my wondering eyes should appear, but a high in the 40s! I'd set out a dress and sandals, but quickly dumped them for pants and a long sleeved shirt.  When is this winter gonna end? 


Kiley Kate said...

It just snowed here in Chicago. My feet are physically rejecting boots, I want to get my sandals out for good!

Lauren said...

Kiley Kate--I feel for you! This is my first winter back in Texas after leaving Indiana and the weather up there this year has been horrendous!

Sam--Very 60s vibe going!