Thursday, January 24, 2013

Daily Look: Cream and Gleam

Sweater: Victoria's Secret // Shirt: J. Crew // Skirt, Earrings: Banana Republic // Shoes: Nine West // Watch: Asos // Sunglasses: via Marshall's // Lips: Revlon Certainly Red

Today I decided to mix patterns, which is always a bit of a dicey proposition. But I think (or at least hope) this works because all of the colors involved are so stunningly similar. A better name for this outfit might be Lauren reaches into her closet and puts on everything gold, brown, and/or cream. Who would have guessed that leopard print, tortoiseshell, sequins, and a geometric pattern could actually go well together?

Do you ever mix patterns? Or do they not play nicely with others?


Zoe K. Namey said...
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Zoe K. Namey said...

Just saw this on Lucky and had to leave a comment letting you know this outfit is gorgeous. I love the way you styled these neutral prints!


Anonymous said...

I love mixing prints. Ever since I first started dressing myself, I have been really into it. I LOVE this look. You look so rich in all these gold tones.

Kate from Clear the Way

Lauren said...

Thanks Kate and Zoe. I'm glad it didn't end up looking too crazy.

Emy Augustus said...

Love this! I did not know Victoria's secret made nice looking cardigans!

Lauren said...

Emy--I don't shop there often, but my mom got this as a present for me several years ago, and I still love it. Definitely one of the best gifts I've ever gotten.