Thursday, June 19, 2014

Daily Look: The Color of the Summer

Dress: Gap // Shoes: GoMax via Ella Blue // Earrings: Loft // Rings: Madewell // Bracelet: James Avery

I subscribe to A LOT of brands' emails (gotta get them discounts!), and for the past few weeks, it seems like every day I open a new one informing me that white is the color for summer. Basically, if you leave the house wearing a color other than white, you are making a HUGE fashion mistake and should probably be arrested by the fashion police because what were you thinking??!! Now, I'll be honest. I really like white, especially during the summer, but I do have a tendency to shy away from white clothing because I'm afraid I'll stain it (and, continuing with the honesty, I probably will). That being said, I went ahead and pulled the trigger on this comfy white sack dress, and, so far, I've successfully managed to navigate two potentially messy meals, so give me a medal, y'all.

What's your favorite color to wear during summer?

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