Friday, November 7, 2014

Sam's Cold Weather Wishlist

Winter Wishlist

For a San Antonian, Plano weather is brutal in the winter!  We have barely gotten a hint of it with the cold front that blew in last weekend and I am already in a state of constant slipper wearing and tea drinking.  In a matter of days, I've moved past the excitement of seeing my sweaters again and on to the panic of how I will keep warm during morning carpool duty.

This inspiration board probably looks like a collection of all of the things any normal person has in their closet for winter, but I need all of it!  I don't have any high boots, my scarves are more cute than cozy, I only seem to own one glove (not one pair--one glove!), and even my collections of tights and socks are seeming scanty.

Oh, and these Loeffler Randall rain boots?  Whoever thought I would pine for a pair of rain boots? And whoever thought there would be a pair of cost-prohibitive rain boots??   

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Lauren said...

I just bought 4 new pairs of tights. Popping open a new pair is like Christmas morning (ok, not really, but I do like it).