Sunday, December 18, 2011

Twin Styled: Arriving in Style

Airport Style

This outfit was made for holiday travel. I will be flying in to my hometown of San Antonio, Texas this week, and I wish I could do so wearing this exact outfit. I was inspired by this picture of Miranda Kerr's adorable airport style, but decided to make the look a little more winter friendly by replacing the black flats with lace-up wedge booties. And since going to the airport means taking your shoes off, you might as well show everyone in the security line your holiday flair with a pair of festive cat-print socks. I made sure to top the outfit off with a pair of dark sunglasses to deflect the blinding glare of the paparazzi. Why can't they just leave me alone?


m said...

haha, I gotta get me a pair of them socks.

nicole said...

Ha! I love Miranda's look, and you totally nailed it! (and those are some rad Christmas socks, too!) xo.