Monday, September 10, 2012

Daily Look: Pencil Pusher

Shirt: Old Navy // Skirt: Anthropologie // Shoes: Bandolino via Endless // Earrings: Francesca's // Ring: Gift // Bracelet: H&M

To start out this school week, I am wearing my most teacher-y outfit! I actually got the skirt as a gift back in college, but it is always a big hit in the school hallways. I'm pretty sure I only wore it once last year, yet somehow I am known by all for my pencil pencil skirt.

I do think I may need to take it to the seamstress to have the bottom tapered before its next outing. I'd like more of a pencil skirt silhouette; it is just looking a little too boxy to me these days.

Do you ever get older items altered to fit new styles?


Twinmom said...

Love this skirt, and have borrowed it quite a few times!! Yes, I have altered clothes to fit changes in fashion!!

Lauren said...

It's still cute after all these years!

Kisses Aren't Contracts said...

Love your blog!

xoxo Shauna

Lauren said...

Thanks Shauna!