Thursday, September 13, 2012

Runway to Reality: Tory Burch Fall 2012

Now that it's mid-September and the weather is cooling down, I decided to look back through some of the fall runway looks that I pinned last spring. It might be Spring Fashion Week, but I'm ready to start thinking about fall fashion. Tory Burch, one of Oprah's favorite designers, created a show that was chock full of beautiful, wearable clothes. Take, for example, this look:

Not only is this outfit gorgeous, but I can totally see myself wearing it. Alas, while Oprah may be able to afford Tory Burch's clothes, most people aren't. Luckily, this outfit would be super easy to re-create, especially given how popular peplum blouses have become. Here is my version for (a whole lot) less:

Runway to Reality

These pieces range in price from $21 for the hairband (although you probably already have one that could do the job for free) to $100 for the pointy Zara pumps. I'd love to wear it to a party or out on a date with my husband. Substitute a non-sequined top and you'd have yourself a really cute work outfit. 

So tell me: Would you wear this runway-inspired look? 


Marlen said...

i really like those pumps! and though $100 is usually too much for me, classy pumps like that are worth it. and i like how you recreated it, it's pretty close!

Lauren said...

Marlen--Thanks! Honestly, I wouldn't spend $100 either, but Zara's shoes often go on sale, so they could potentially become $50 shoes, which is generally my upper limit for shoes.

his little lady said...

This sparkly peplum top is way too cute!
xo TJ

Sam said...

You nailed it!