Monday, September 23, 2013

Daily Look: Black, White, and Red

 Shirt: Banana Republic // Skirt: Limited // Shoes: Nine West // Rings: Vintage

I love to wear pencil skirts, and this one is probably my favorite because it is professional, and the bright color makes it friendly enough to wear in an elementary school. Anything this apple red has to be school appropriate, right? And it matches my nails perfectly, something that my newly adopted habit of planning my outfits the night before allows. Yes, I have finally started taking Lauren's advice on that account, and it has done wonders for how quickly I can get ready, and how happy I am with my outfit when I walk out the door.

Do you plan your outfits the night before, or make it a game time decision?


Dora said...

Love the bright color of the skirt and the cut looks great on you!

cleartheway said...

I have a skirt like this. Now I want a top like this to wear with it!

Kate from Clear the Way

Jessica Findell said...

LOVE this combo! Reminds me of fashions you'd likely see along the French Riviera.

Sam said...

Thanks Dora and Jess! Kate--I get so much use out of that shirt! It's one of those things that I'd wear every day if I thought no one would notice.