Friday, September 27, 2013

Halloween Costume Inspiration: Joan Rivers

Joan Rivers Costume

As a dedicated viewer of Fashion Police, I thought it would be fun to dress up this Halloween as the leading lady herself--Joan Rivers! I got this idea right after last Halloween, and have been hoping for an opportunity to wear it ever since. Ms. Rivers actually has her own (very chic) uniform, so she is pretty easy to imitate with items you might already have in your wardrobe. Just put a blazer over black basics, throw on plenty of jewelry, and don't forget the nail art! If you can find an old fur at a thrift shop, even better. But be sure she doesn't spot you, or you may end up on B*#!& Stole My Look!

Any other Joan Rangers out there who are ready to clip in a hair extension and take a few celebrities down a notch this Halloween?


Lauren said...

Spot on!

BJ Williams said...

I guess you heard of her passing...a month ago I believe Mrs Lauren?