Saturday, September 14, 2013

Sam's Fall Wishlist- Shoe Edition

Fall Shoes Wishlist

I was starting to put together my usual fall wishlist, but I found it so full of shoes that I ran out of room for anything else! It's kind of strange since I don't really consider myself a shoe person. I don't have a huge collection of shoes, and I refuse to kill my feet just to wear my favorite stilettos. Don't get me wrong, I love the look of heels, but my cringing face as I stagger down the halls in uncomfortable shoes is proof to me that beauty is not pain. So, with the blisters on my feet from a poor shoe choice earlier in the week still aching, I've decided that my biggest goal for fall shopping is to find some cute and comfortable boots and work shoes.

I was excited to see that there is actually a growing selection of fun, wearable shoes in stores right now. Flats are always a safe bet, but there are also chunky heels and wedges that are so pretty, you hardly notice that they aren't sky high. Also, you may notice that I've finally gotten past my refusal to wear animal prints. At least I would if I got my hands on either of those wedges in the middle. Cuh-ute!

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Lauren said...

I love those Nine West wedges, and they look a lot like my Taryn Rose ones. It's crazy how much they go with!