Friday, November 22, 2013

Daily Look: Cozy Thanksgiving

It's hard to believe (especially since it was 80 degrees today), but Thanksgiving is just around the corner. In fact, tomorrow is my last day of work until December, woo hoo! The holiday season really snuck up on me this year, probably because I got used to it coinciding with colder weather. But ready or not, here it comes, so I decided to put together some outfit inspiration for a cozy, casual Thanksgiving.

Cozy Thanksgiving

In reality, it will probably be way too warm here in the Houston area to wear this outfit, but I just can't help it. Cold-weather clothes just seem more festive!

How (and where) will you be spending your Thanksgiving (if you celebrate it)? What will you be wearing?


Christina, Esq. said...

Love this outfit for Thanksgiving :) I will likely go with plaid pants from Loft and a comfy knit top so I can chase my 2 year old around with ease

Happy Friday!

Christina, Esq.

Lauren said...

That sounds adorable Christina.