Saturday, November 16, 2013

Daily Look: Patterned Pink

Shirt: Loft // Corduroys: Forever 21 // Shoes: J. Crew // Earrings: Francesca's // Bracelet: H&M

I got this shirt on sale at Loft a couple of weekends ago, and when the cold front blew in shortly after, I worried I wouldn't get another chance to wear it until next spring. Of course, I don't know what I was thinking! Silly Sammy, this is Texas, even January has plenty of days that are warm enough for short sleeves. Just one day after wearing boots and a jacket to work, it is now so warm and humid that I'm considering shorts. I should have known!


cleartheway said...

Love this top! It's so simple but really pretty. Also, the lighting is really perfect.

Jessi said...

Your hair is gorgeous!! Just found your blog through modcloth's style gallery - such a fun idea! You girls are both so stylish!! :)

Sam said...

Cleartheway- thank you! I am terrible at knowing when the light is best, but sometimes we get lucky!

Jessi- we are so happy to have a new reader! Thank you for your sweet words!!