Monday, February 3, 2014

Daily Look: Sic'em Bears

Shirt: Congress Clothing // Cardigan: Baylor Bookstore // Jeans: Madewell // Boots: Sam Edelman  via Nordstrom Rack // Rings: Madewell, Limited, Vintage // Earrings: Gift

For our birthday this year, Lauren and I met up for a Baylor basketball game and got decked out in our Baylor gear.  A long time ago, Lauren pointed this retro cardigan out to me, and I have been keeping it in mind ever since as a potential gift for her.  I actually tried to get her one for Christmas, but after lots of delays, it ended up coming in just in time for our birthday. I loved it so much that I got myself one as well, so we got to look like twins on the anniversary of our becoming twins!

The game didn't turn out so hot, but at least we had some Katie's Custard to raise our spirits. Between seeing most of my favorite people in the world, pigging out all day long, getting some awesome presents (including these adorable bee earrings from Monike), and topping it all off with a late night movie, it was a pretty amazing day.

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