Sunday, February 16, 2014

Daily Look: Smokin' Valentine's

Blouse: Forever 21 // Jeans & Shoes: J. Crew // Rings: Asos, Limited, Vintage // Bracelet: Found

Although I planned to have a very low key Valentine's Day, adventure found me. This year we decided to skip the crowds and do a quiet dinner at home. Quiet it was not! Turns out searing steaks makes a LOT of smoke. So much, in fact, that the smoke alarms ended up going off in my entire building.

The icing on the cake was when two enormous firemen showed up to make sure we were okay.  We were having trouble seeing the humor in the stress of the moment, but, thankfully, my neighbor had the presence of mind to get a souvenir picture.  He and Lloyd posed with one of the very nice firefighters who dropped in on our disastrous dinner. I, meanwhile, was hiding out in the kitchen petting my traumatized cats. 

By the time all of the chaos had subsided, our steaks were cold, but luckily still delicious.  It was definitely a Valentine's to remember!

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Lauren said...

Such a cute outfit, and your nails look pretty!