Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Accessorizer: Baby, it's cold outside

The Accessorizer: Baby, it's cold outside

Gipsy nylon tight
$22 -

J Crew ear flap hat
$45 -

Rubbish beret hat
$18 -

J crew
$40 -

Parkhurst beret hat
$24 -

Full Circle sheer scarve
$20 -

Kate Spade leopard hat
$125 -

Forever21 fringed shawl
$5.90 -

John Lewis Women metal glove
£55 -

John Lewis bow glove
£20 -

Lurex Turban
$38 -

The time change brought with it a drastic change in weather. It was cold and dark most of the week, and we got our first snow of the year (nooooooo!). Thankfully, it didn't stick, but all of this wintry weather put me in the mood to shop for some cold weather accessories. I am really lusting after that grass green trapper hat, the studded gloves, and those polka-dot tights.

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