Thursday, November 10, 2011

Daily Look: Seeing Red

Blouse: Asos // Skirt: American Apparel // Shoes: Mia via Endless // Earrings: Francesca's // Bracelet: H&M

Well, it's time for the big reveal: My hair is now red! I was sad to lose the blonde, but I am pleased with the way the new color turned out, and it is perfect for the change in season. I like the contrast of the red with the purplish top. This whole outfit is fun in a breeze because of the fluttery sleeves and the pleats in the skirt, which easily float away. This skirt can be downright dangerous on a windy day; I am almost positive that the patrons of a Chick-fil-A got an eyeful one gusty day last summer. Whoops! Hopefully I won't have any close calls today.


Lauren said...

It looks so pretty, and I want that skirt!

m said...

I gasped out loud when I saw this. I love the pairing of that skirt and blouse! They look like they were meant for each other. Love your hair, too! It's the same color it was when I met you. :)