Saturday, November 12, 2011

Daily Look: Sweater Weather

Sweater: Ann Taylor Loft // Pants: J. Crew // Boots: Sam Edelman via Nordstrom Rack // Earrings: Gift

My boots are newly shined and excited to finally be leaving the back of my closet! They even match my new hair color! This is a pretty standard casual look for me as the weather cools down. Sweater, skinny pants, and boots and I am ready to go. This sweater is new and therefore seems way better that anything else I own right now. Isn't it funny how that happens? I love the stripes and the epaulettes; Loft has really been catching my fancy lately.


Lauren said...

I love that sweater! Actually, I love everything about this outfit.

m said...

gosh, you are cute. those boots are so incredible!

nicole said...

YOUR HAIR! It looks soooo gooood.

I've tried to go from platinum to copper before, and the color simply slid off of my bleached locks. It's like my hair ONLY wants to be blonde. For. Like. Ever. Ha! So, I'm way jealous of how amazingly your hair "took" the red. NICE!!! And it's apparently "on trend," too! So say the trendsetters here:

Sam said...

Well, I have had some trouble with the color sticking, but my hairdresser Erin is awesome, and we have been adding toner to keep it from all sliding down the drain. I had no idea it was such a process coming from blonde!