Sunday, November 20, 2011

Daily Look: Forest Green

Blouse: Anthropologie // Pants: Gap // Boots: Seychelles via Endless // Earrings: Forever 21

I finally took my new wedge boots out of the box and let them see the light of day. I went with a wedge instead of a heel because I tend to wear boots when the weather is cold and wet, and I do not possess the coordination to navigate ice on a point. It is arguably too warm here for this outfit, but it is Thanksgiving break, and I am going to look the part!


Lauren said...

I love the new boots! They look perfect with your cords.

Lucija said...

I think you have an amazing amazing blog. This post is one of my favourite yet!Follow each other? :)


m said...

Seyyychelllles (drool)

Sam said...

Lucija, I love your blog too! I see that we share an obsession with Emma Stone.

Yes, Mo, you started me on the Seychelles, they have such soft leather and a perfect roundess to the toe.