Sunday, November 6, 2011

Dear twIN STYLE: What do I wear to a Mad Men party?

HELLO, pretty ones!

Please help me find an outfit for a Mad Men party. I am open to anything (skirts/dress), but would prefer dark colors and forgiving fits (AKA A-line as opposed to pencil).

Mad Men Inspired

"I signed the first new business since Lucky Strike left...but it's not as important as getting married."

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Hi M, this is my dream letter! I am a big Mad Men fan and cannot get enough of the 60s styles. There were almost too many fun options: va-va-voom Joanie; lovely, lonely Betty; boho Village temptress; the list goes on and on. I finally landed on a look inspired by the talented and determined Peggy.

I love how the Peggy character seems so timid, but refuses to be pigeonholed by her gender. I can definitely see her fighting for Don's approval in this adorable button-fronted skirt and ladylike sweater. Throw on a pair of professional pumps, grab your pencil and legal pad, and you will be ready to think up the next great ad campaign for Pan Am. The best thing about this look? You can wear it again to work on Monday; just leave the glasses and pantyhose behind.

I can't wait to see pictures from the party, it sounds like a blast!

Have a fashion emergency? Nothing to wear? Hit us up at hellotwinstyle (at) gmail (dot) com and we'll do our best to help you out!


nicole said...

Hi! I came over from Life According to Celia. I'm making your gumbo recipe tonight; thanks for sharing.

I thought I'd comment on this, for fun. (My coworkers and I dressed up like characters from Mad Men for Halloween one year - it was a hoot. That's me in the black-and-white dress, ha.)

Your recommendations are great, especially when it comes to wearing the pieces again. But I think a Mad Men party calls for an authentic vintage piece! Maybe:

this dress, a la Betty Draper...

or this dress, if you're more of a Joan Holloway.

Just my two cents! Gah, I love the MM-style! Glad I found your blog, too! SUPER-CUTE. xo.

Lauren said...

So glad you're trying the gumbo; I hope you enjoy it! I love the dress you wore to your office's Mad Men party (which, by the way, makes your office seem like the coolest place to work ever), and your vintage dress recommendations are great. Thanks so much!

Sam said...

Mad Men parties are fun and all, but can we just start dressing like that all the time? Minus the corsets and pantyhose, of course!

I love the vintage dresses. Good eye!