Friday, October 19, 2012

Daily Look: Beg & Borrow

Sweater: Loft // Shirt: BDG via Urban Outfitters // Skirt: J. Crew // Shoes: Ralph Lauren // Bracelet: Gift

This fall-centric outfit is composed mainly of items that I borrowed from Sam and my mom. The only parts that belong to me are the shirt and the bracelet. Whenever I come to visit, I like to pack light so that I don't have to bring a big suitcase. I know that it won't be a problem because I can just raid some closets and wear some new clothes. And isn't it more fun to wear other people's stuff? On that note, I am also a big fan of using other people's shampoos, conditioners, and beauty products.

Do you like to borrow things when you're staying with someone?

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Anonymous said...

I love those Ralph Lauren boots! Oh my gosh... Classy.