Thursday, October 25, 2012

Daily Look: Last Chance

Shirt, Earrings, Bracelet, Necklace: Banana Republic // Skirt: Express // Shoes: Nine West // Sunglasses: via Marshall's

It's been unseasonably warm in Indiana, so I decided to take advantage of the beautiful weather by wearing a skirt (sans tights) and short sleeves (sans jacket). It seems crazy to be wearing such a summery outfit in late October with the leaves changing in the background, but it also feels good! Sadly, a cold front is coming this weekend, which should be pretty rough considering the nice warm weather that I was enjoying during my trip to San Antonio, but I am excited about breaking out my sweaters and boots. I may not like the weather, but I sure do like the clothes!

Are you still wearing your summer clothes, or have you transitioned your wardrobe into full-on fall/winter mode?


Anonymous said...

I'm transitioning to cooler-weather clothes now, but I'm in California so just give it another week and I'll probably be back in shorts! =]

Love that bracelet.

Lauren said...

It's the same way in Texas! You can't really store away your summer clothes because it could get hot at any moment. I left my shorts and sandals there when I visited because I might need them over Christmas, and I definitely won't need them in Indiana!