Thursday, July 3, 2014

Daily Look: Bocce Ballin'

Shirt: Congress Clothing // Shorts: Gap // Shoes: Target

This is not the most glamorous look I've ever posted, but when you're playing bocce ball in the middle of a field in July, you don't want to get too fancy.  I got this shirt during Baylor homecoming last year at an awesome store right off campus and it's become my favorite t-shirt.  Whenever I wear it, people tend to read it aloud in a confused voice, "I Texas Waco?"  No, Texans haven't started using the words Texas and love interchangeably (yet), the sentiment is clear to anyone whose blood runs green and gold.

Oh, and since I know you are all dying to find out the results of my bocce match, rest assured, I won.


Lauren said...

I miss playing Bocce ball! Cute outfit.

Caitlin Kline said...

I saw this outfit on Modcloth's Style Gallery and as a current Baylor Bear I had to head on over to your blog to check it out!

I love the look, no matter how glamorous! I cannot wait to read more posts in the future.

All the best,


Lauren said...

We're so glad to have a new reader, Caitlin, especially a fellow Baylor Bear. Sic 'em!

PS, I checked out your blog and you have super cute style. I noticed that you mentioned Fiesta Texas and the Riverwalk. Are you from San Antonio? That's our hometown.

Caitlin Kline said...

Sic 'em!

I am not. I'm from a pretty small town near Houston, but my father lives in San Antonio, so I am there quite often nowadays!

Thanks so much for checking out my blog as well!