Friday, July 11, 2014

Outfit Inspiration: Keri Russell's Cool Girl Style

Maybe it is left over from my dorky-theater-kid high school days, but there is always some small part of me that wishes I was cool.  I can recognize it when I see it, but I never seem to really pull it off.  Lately I've started making excuses for myself, thinking that I am just too old to be cool.  But then I see 38 year old Keri Russell knocking it out of the park and I realize that I was giving up way too easily.

Seriously y'all, she looks so darn cool.  And the very best part is, I already have pretty much every item! Even more good news, since all of these pieces are so classic, they are available in every price bracket.  Aka you don't have to be making movie star scratch to get this outfit.  She looks so chic that I honestly didn't even process how simple this look is until I started to recreate it.

Look for Less: Keri Russel's Casual Cool Look

Keri's style has totally proven to me that cool is within reach.  I already own similar pieces, cool doesn't seem to have an age limit, and my excuses are running thin!  Okay, I'm heading to my closet right now to try to pull off something cool!


Lauren said...

Yes, Keri Russell has been totally killing it lately. The funny thing about this outfit is that it's actually the simplest piece that I don't own: a basic white t-shirt. I guess I need to add that to the ol' shopping list.

Chelsey Tanisha said...

Okay, I love this look. It's making me wish fall were here so I could bust out the old leather jacket haha. Ah well, I can still take the inspiration and opt for a more lightweight outerwear piece. This is a great post, her style is fantastic.

Sam said...

Thanks Chelsea! I totally agree with you and Lauren, her style is so spot on, and I didn't even mention my even bigger obsession with her hair!