Thursday, September 4, 2014

Sam's Back to School Wishlist

Sam's Back to School Wishlist

I started the year sure that I had all of the clothes I needed, but after (gasp) wearing the same shoes two days in a row and considering wearing them again today, I realized that I have some holes to fill.  More than anything, I could use a few more pairs of comfortable shoes.  After that, I'm on the lookout for sturdy, full knee length and midi skirts.  I know that sounds very specific, but I like full skirts because they are cool and look cute with flats, and I need sturdy fabric because Plano wind is always trying to force me into a Marilyn Monroe moment.  I could also really really use a chambray shirt and don't need but would love to have a few more cropped blouses.

What's on your wishlist?

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Lauren said...

My wish list is pretty similar to yours, though I did just get two full skirts from Asos. And you can never have too many cute, comfy shoes when you're on your feet as much as we are!