Friday, October 31, 2014

Daily Look: 90s Halloween

We had a decades dress-up day at school yesterday, which meant that we got to wear a costume to represent any decade. While many of my coworkers went with the 2010s, I decided to channel Clarissa Darling and Angela Chase with a 90s-inspired look. Perhaps not surprisingly, many of my students did not get my outfit, with one asking me if I was from the 70s and another wondering *if* I was wearing a costume (because apparently this seems like something I might normally wear?), but that's okay. I had fun anyway. What this outfit is really missing is a sweet pair of Docs, but alas, I didn't have any lying around. Even my husband got in on the 90s action, editing these pictures to make them look older.


What are you wearing for Halloween?


BJ Williams said...

It saddens me that we have a generation that does not know or understand how awesome the 1990s were for music, television and fashion.

I dressed in all black and wore a sign that said "hole"...what was I? a black of the teachers I ran into about doubled over in laughter! my homeroom students applauded my creativity. I'll try to have a picture on my blog later


Sam said...

Haha! The photo effects are almost as amazing as the outfit! I always forget how bad photo quality used to be.