Monday, October 13, 2014

Halloween Costume Inspiration: Amal Alamuddin

When it comes to Halloween, I'm always a fan of costumes that include pieces you might already have in your closet or that could be re-worn in real life. After all, I'm nothing if not practical. As I was thinking of costume possibilities, I immediately thought of Amal Alamuddin, whose incredibly stylish wedding weekend has been covered to death on just about every magazine, website, and morning TV show. My favorite look that she wore is also the most easily re-created: the white Stella McCartney pantsuit that she wore to her civil ceremony. Mere mortals would have a hard time pulling off a hat like that, but she ended up looking so glamorous. And while I'm not suggesting that you go out and drop thousands on her exact outfit, I think you could easily pair a white top and pants with a black belt, floppy hat, clutch, and heels you already own (after all, they won't even show). And if you happen to have long, dark hair, so much the better!

Amal Alamuddin Haloween Costume

Would you dress as Amal Alamuddin for Halloween? Do you know what costume you'll be wearing this year?

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