Monday, October 20, 2014

Halloween Costume Inspiration: Kate Middleton

Although, if my students are any indication, I am expecting to see about a million Princess Elsa costumes this Halloween, I thought it might be fun to dress up as a different royal this year.  Despite myself, I couldn't help swooning over pictures of Kate and her baby bump last time around, and I'm sure this pregnancy will be no different.  So this Halloween, what could be more fun than throwing on your chicest shift, tucking a pillow underneath, and topping it all with a ridiculous hat?  You might just meet a prince, or, at the very least, satisfy your inner little girl's princess craving.

Halloween Costume Inspiration: Kate Middleton

What are some of your favorite costumes you've worn in the past?


Lauren said...

This would be a really good (and easy) one!

BJ Williams said...

You could totally rock princess Kate