Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Daily Look: Lace on Lace

Blouse: Marshall's // Pants: Zara // Shoes: Ann Taylor // Earrings: Loft // Ring: Vintage

I guess I was just feeling lacy this morning because I unthinkingly matched a lace shirt with pants covered in lace detailing.  I also tried something new with my hair (which is code for my bangs were being awful and I gave up and slicked them back) that made me feel unrecognizable.  Isn't it funny how moving a few strands of hair can totally change the way you see yourself?  I'm sure no one else even noticed!

Do you experiment with your hair?  My mom always wanted me to try new things but I am pretty much a one trick side-swept banged pony.

1 comment:

Lauren said...

Such a cute outfit, and I like your hair like that. I sweep my bangs off of my face because it feels better without them there, but I have a hard time getting them to stay.