Monday, August 13, 2012

Daily Look: The Cat's Meow

Shirt: H&M // Skirt: Forever 21 (consignment) // Shoes: Francesca's // Earrings: Etsy // Bracelet: Gift

This was a look that I wore to meet a new friend named apartment kitty.  Ok, I may have also worn it to work and to meet some new friends for lunch, but the kitten encounter was pretty exciting.  I didn't even realize that it was camping out in the bushes behind me until it smooshed its face into my leg and began rolling around begging for pets. Luckily I am a cat person and was able to provide some snuggles and food. I may have found someone to take her in, but if you are interested in a sweet, sociable kitten who is an experienced photo bomber, let me know!


Lauren said...

Awww! Love the new skirt too.

m said...