Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Twin Styled: What's Your Teaching Style?

Teaching Style

Well the school year is almost upon us, so I was inspired to create my dream outfit for the first day of school. I remember painstakingly choosing my perfect first day outfit when I was a student, and the process has hardly changed. First impressions are important for both students and teachers (and therapists)!

I always like to look especially professional on the first day, but friendly and inviting at the same time. That is no easy task, but I think I accomplished it by combining a ladylike silhouette with bright colors and fun accessories. Add a giant bag to lug my paperwork, pencils, lunch, bubbles, and dinosaurs, and I'm ready to start this year off right!


Lauren said...

Beautiful! I love this look.

Emy Augustus said...

I love the soothing colors - especially the green.

Sam said...

Emy-- soothing colors may be necessary on the first day back! Fingers crossed that it won't be too crazy!