Thursday, August 16, 2012

Daily Look: Chambray and Linen

Shirt: Bitten by SJP (consignment) // Skirt: Anthropologie // Shoes: J. Crew Factory // Necklace (worn as bracelet), Earrings: Banana Republic Factory // Lips: Mary Kay Gloss in Rock 'n Red // Sunglasses: via Marshall's

For this outfit, I combined two of my favorite fabrics--chambray and linen--with one of my favorite color combinations. I guess I'm still feeling patriotic after the Olympics. Or maybe it's just that red, white, and blue look awesome together, whether it's the Fourth of July or the middle of August. I also threw a little yellowish green into the outfit, courtesy of a massive bruise that stands as a testament to my klutziness. In my defense, that coffee table came out of nowhere! Bonus points if you can spot it.

Do you wear red, white, and blue year-round, or do you save that combo for Memorial Day and Fourth of July?


Sam said...

So cute! Where is your bracelet from? I love it!!

Lauren said...

Whoops! I guess I forgot to list that. It's actually a necklace from BR Factory! I might actually like it better as a bracelet.

m said...

you look comfy.