Saturday, August 11, 2012

Daily Look: Rainy Day

Shirt: Forever 21 // Pants: Loft // Shoes: Banana Republic // Bag: Target // Earrings: The Limited // Bracelet: James Avery // Ring: Gift

Well, I'm back in South Bend after my trip to Texas, and Indiana has welcomed me with unseasonably cold, dreary weather. When I took these pictures, it was 57 degrees and raining. While lower temperatures come as a relief after the blistering heat of San Antonio, this wasn't exactly what I had in mind. It feels like the two cities are in different hemispheres! I decided to counteract the ridiculously gray skies with a rainbow on my nails. Maybe a real rainbow will be coming soon.

So tell me...Would you rather have a cold, wet summer or a brutally hot, dry one?


Sam said...

You look so pretty out in the rain!

m said...

I love that bag!