Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Twin Styled: Thanksgiving Two Ways

For me, Thanksgiving is all about wearing whatever has the most stretch in the waistband, and the most resistance to collecting lint and wrinkles when I inevitably fall asleep on the living room floor. I do recognize, however, that some people have other priorities. Like, say, looking nice. Lots of families pose for Christmas cards on Thanksgiving, and dress to impress the relatives they don't see every day, so I decided to put together two looks this year. I would be proud to pass the turkey in either, but one is geared more for the eat, nap, pass the football type, whereas the other is for more of an eat, tidy up, and play charades kind of gal.

For the more casual look, plaid and stretchy jeans are a must.

Casual Thanksgiving

But for the dressier look, I actually got inspiration from traditional pilgrim costumes, proving that inspiration can truly come from anywhere! Ha!

Dressed Up Thanksgiving

Is Thanksgiving more of a casual affair in your family, or do you pig out while dressed to the nines?

P.S. I have been asking people this all week, and I want to hear from you too--what kind of dressing do you make? We use my grandmother's famous cornbread and sausage recipe. I can't wait!!


Lauren said...

Ooh, I like both! I want both!

Twinmom said...

Very adorable!!