Thursday, March 13, 2014

Daily Look: Road Trip

Jacket: Roxy via Doug and Lynda's Ski Shop // Shirt: Gap // Leggings: Old Navy// Shoes: Converse via Marshall's

One thing I learned from my excessive over packing for my ski trip: you don't need a lot when you're going on a ski trip.  My leather boots (of which I brought two pairs), my five cute sweaters, my leather jacket and wool coat? Didn't wear a single one. All I really needed were the warm, comfy things I brought with me, because those were all I wanted to wear. 

For the thirteen hour trip back this was especially true.  In honor of sitting in the same seat for the entire day, I chose the closest things to pajamas that I could. But even leggings and an over-sized thermal couldn't keep me comfortable for that long.  Good thing I had Harry Potter audiobooks queued up on my iPod to distract me!

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