Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Accessorizer: Rain Check

Rain Check

Well this NEVER happens! It has actually been too rainy here (in Texas!!) for the past couple of days to take any new pictures. The wet weather has been a welcome change, and has inspired me to make a board with some of my favorite rainy day accessories. Rain is such a rarity here that I'm almost always caught without an umbrella, but I think if I had this Kate Spade beauty, I'd always have it at the ready. I am also loving the waterproof messenger bag, which could save me from soggy paperwork, though I have to say that my number one rainy day accessory is my thermos. There's just nothing like a hot beverage to make you feel cozy and warm. How do you stay comfortable and stylish in the rain?


Lauren said...

I don't! I just run and hope for the best. Maybe I should though.

Wendy said...

I'm from Texas too and it's also been kinda rainy and dreary down here. I don't really have a pair of rainboots but I'm holding out for a cute and comfy pair. I have my red umbrella, which I always carry in my car because one never knows; especially during hurricane season. Love the red coat and boots you picked, though!

Sam said...

I always think I have an umbrella in my car, but as soon as I bring it in once, it never seems to make its way back. You must be near the coast, Wendy! SA is in what seems to be a perpetual drought, so even though I think wellies are super cute, rain is too rare to make them practical.