Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Daily Look: Keeping Cool

Blouse & Skirt: Loft // Shoes: Banana Republic // Necklace: Gift // Earrings: Target // Bracelet: H&M

The end of the school year is starting to wear me out, so on this meeting-filled day, I went for my old standby: silk shirt and pencil skirt. I like how the cool colors of the outfit look against the overcast sky and greenery around my complex. Of course, if today's temperatures are any indication, all will soon be crispy and brown. Do you ever adjust the colors of your outfits to the weather or to your mood?


Lauren said...

I love that top! I wish I had gotten one too.

Wendy said...

Very pretty and polished look. I love your bow bracelet! I have one but in black and from F21.
I usually wear colors that reflect my mood. :) Or maybe if a day is especially sunshine-y, I prefer to wear warmer/brighter colors. Darker colors when it's cloudy/cold. :)

m said...

Business READY