Thursday, August 1, 2013

Roundup: Animal Prints

animal instincts

I have never been drawn to clothing with animal prints. Even though I know that they aren't the skins of actual animals, and even though I wear leather, I just have this thing about them. But the trend of prints with the pictures of whole animals? I am fully on board! I am loving the menagerie that has been showing up in stores lately, from woodland creatures to jungle beasts. I love my cat print skirt, and recently picked up these bee earrings from Target. And Lauren found a really cool zebra print shirt the other day that I'm sure she will be debuting soon for you.

How do you feel about wearing animals on your clothing?


Dora said...

oh that skirt is so cool

Lauren said...

Love it all! Of course, I like standard animal prints too.

cleartheway said...

I love wearing animals! I love that horse bag, too.

Kate from Clear the Way