Saturday, August 17, 2013

Twin Styled: Fall Semester, Summer Heat

Summer Work Style

The school year is fast approaching (yikes!), but even though all of the commercials on TV are talking about fall, the thermometer is telling a different story. One of the biggest struggles I face as a working person in Texas is finding a way to dress appropriately for both work and the weather. This inspiration board is an example of the sort of uniform I've developed to achieve those goals.

On an average summer day at work, you'll see me in something very similar: flowy blouse, full skirt, comfortable flats, and if I'm really on the ball that morning, some fun jewelry. I am also usually lugging in a whole collection of paperwork and therapy materials, thus the tote and purse! Finally, I complete my outfit by accessorizing with a coffee cup and crumbs from the breakfast I ate at a stoplight in my car.

It's a glamorous life, I know.

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Sam said...

Super cute outfit! I need more full and flowy skirts because they look equally cute with flats and heels. I love clothes like that.

PS-This says your name, but it's Lauren. I'm too lazy to log out of your google account :)